Fund the First launches on Republic

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Donation based crowdfunding platform supporting our nation’s heroes


  • Since July 2020 launch, over 155 campaigns totaling $1M+
  • Partnership with to ensure a trusted experience
  • Market currently estimated by Fund the First to be worth $5.5B
  • Featured in 70+ media publications
  • 5% revenue model

In October 2020, the FBI publicly announced warnings regarding charity and crowdfunding fraud associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. None of the current donation-based crowdfunding platforms verify the beneficiary of the campaign, making it easy for well-meaning people to lose money to fraud or scams. This directly impacts America’s first responders, many of whom rely on crowdfunding platforms for financial assistance. 

Fund the First is a verified donation-based crowdfunding platform for heroes like first responders, firefighters, military and medical professionals. Their platform stops the cycle of scams by fully verifying every campaign to ensure that it’s legitimate and that the proceeds go directly to the first responder, military member, medical professional, or family of the aforementioned.

Fund the First officially launched on July 22nd, 2020. Since then they’ve been featured in over 70 media publications, hosted over 155 campaigns and raised over $1M. They are now partners with 23 first responder, military, and medical professional organizations and have helped to ensure that heroes all over America can receive help from grateful citizens. 155+ campaigns, $1M+ in aid, 23 partners and counting

The business model

Fund the First charges a 5% platform fee on each donation that flows through the web platform. On average, campaigns raise around $5K. By increasing the amount and number of campaigns, Fund the First plans to increase revenue. They have also created a complementary 501(c)3 entity that provides $5K checks to families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty.



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