Fundanna Update: Cannabis wins big on Election Day

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New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota have just voted to legalize recreational marijuana. While Mississippi, as well as South Dakota, voted in favor of a medical-cannabis program.

Recreational marijuana is now legal for adults in 15 states, while medical marijuana is legal in 36. As we expect more states to pass favorable legislation for cannabis, we look forward to more opportunities for businesses and investors that we support here on Fundanna.

Here are some of these businesses that are already tapping into the industryโ€™s potential in their current funding round.

The Hempazon Shopping Network is an e-Commerce, Distribution, Delivery, Warehousing and Shipping Network for the cannabis market. It aims to become one of the top global online retailers & distributors of Healthy Living Hemp and CBD products. Learn more about Hempazon here.

See Fundannaโ€™s complete lineup of investment opportunities below.

Over $150K Committed

World’s First Click and Collect Cannabis Platform
Regulation CF Offering
$192,800 Committed | 318 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

New Investment Opportunities

Greenzone Pharms LLC
First CBD Hemp Processor in Illinois
Regulation CF Offering
$9,310 Committed | 38 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

Minimum Goal Reached

New Green LLC
Health and wellness retail
Regulation CF Offering
$94,485 Committed | 96 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$3,275,000 Valuation

Core State Holdings Corp
The Largest Cannabis Social Network in the World
Regulation CF Offering
$29,915 Raised | 80 Investors
$268 Min. Investment
$4M Valuation

Cannabis Real Estate in Oklahoma
Regulation CF Offering
$20,700 Committed | 38 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$4M Valuation

Hemp Real Estate Investments, Inc.
Commercial real estate opportunities in the hemp industry
Regulation CF Offering
$19,116 Committed | 52 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$3M Valuation
CBD e-Commerce platform
Regulation CF Offering
$19,381 Committed | 41 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$3,062,500 Valuation

Recent Successful Offerings

420 Real Estate, LLC
Real Estate Investment in the Hemp Industry
Regulation CF Offering
Closed (Over $1 Million Committed)
$1,287,000 Committed | 2855 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation


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