Funding the geographical gap

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In the US, startup funding is heavily concentrated in a few big cities.
The San Francisco Bay Area dominates every other region, making up about 44% of all U.S. venture capital (VC) investment in 2019. That’s as much as the next four cities combined. NYC is second, Boston third, and LA fourth.
The 4 most-funded states combined account for 80% of American VC investment.
Having a big startup ecosystem gives a major boost to those local economies. Unfortunately all that innovation, growth, and wealth is concentrated in a few small areas, particularly Northern California. Almost everywhere else was, until recently, a startup funding desert.
Our mission is to help change that. We want to see startups, and angel investors, popping up in every town and city. Founders with great potential are everywhere, but they often lack access to funding. We want to help them raise that capital, and build a base of backers at the same time. We want to give more investors the chance to invest in great companies.
Startups and small companies are critical to the economy, accounting for 61% of all new job creation in the US. We want to help thousands of startup companies from all over the country grow and succeed. Republic investors have already deployed more than $150 million and helped fund over 200 companies, but we’re just getting started.
We currently have 57 live deals from all around the country.
New virtual summit: Investing in mental wellness

Why do some of the most prominent Venture Capitalists invest in the mental wellness space? How can you personally benefit from learning the techniques for mental wellness to prevent burnout and increase your productivity?
Join a line up of esteemed speakers to tackle mental health issues and to discuss the key investment trends in this sector. This free event will take place November 12th from 12:00PM EDT to 9:00PM EDT. RSVP here.

Launched this week
A new video game system that’s redefining entertainment with family and friends
Startups closing soon

Provenance is about to close!
$142,360 raised · $100 min. investment
Prepared meals to nourish mind & body

Insense is about to close!
$119,392 raised · $100 min. investment
Data-driven marketplace bridging brands and influential creators

Gesture is about to close!
$184,402 raised · $100 min. investment
Making the world smaller again. Its time to stop gifting, and start Gesturing

Borrow is about to close!
$162,023 raised · $50 min. investment
The future of electric vehicle ownership

AltoIRA is about to close!
Sold out · $100 min. investment
The Alternative IRA for investing in crowdfunding, PE, VC, crypto & more

SWIPEBY is about to close!
$303,020 raised · $100 min. investment
SaaS+ platform turning restaurant into a virtual drive-thru with curbside pickup

Startup updates

Bloomi: Bloomi named as one of the best arousal oils on the market

Quim: Quim CEO Cyo Nystrom Interviewed by Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Asset Management

Nada: Nada has partnered with Alto IRA so you can invest smarter through your tax-advantaged IRA (retirement account)

AERA: Great article on AERA and CEO Tina Bhojwani on Curio!

Juked: Ben Goldhaber quoted in VentureBeat article on Fantasy Esports HelloWoofy Competes in TWO Leading AI / Tech Competitions NEXT WEEK for Prizes!


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