Graze Interviews Top U.S. Landscaping Executive & Miso Press Coverage

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Graze interviews President of Mainscape, top 15 U.S. commercial landscaping company

As the COVID-19 lockdowns continue, many non-essential businesses, including commercial landscaping, are struggling. Graze recently sat down with Mark Forsythe, the President of Mainscape, to discuss how the lockdown has affected his business. Mainscape is a top 15 U.S. commercial landscaping company that has executed a letter of intent with Graze to purchase 200 mowers.

Mark noted he has “seen a slowdown in the enhancement type work that our customers would typically purchase in the spring but are now delaying for some time.”

When asked how Graze’s technology will help the business in a world with heightened public health concerns, he noted “the autonomous mowers will be a huge advantage moving forward, especially in future pandemic situations.”

Mark is excited for the next few years and hopes to see Graze’s mower come to fruition so he can use it in the field.

Graze is 85% funded towards its minimum funding target.


Press roundup of Miso Robotics’ recent campaign coverage








Miso Robotics received SEC qualification at the end of March to start accepting investments for its Series C round. Since then, the company has received attention from various publications including the Los Angeles Business Journal, VentureBeat, & Crowdfund Insider.

In the Crowdfund Insider article, SeedInvest CEO & Co-Founder Ryan Feit noted, “there will likely be strong tailwinds for robotics solutions in the hospitality sector and we believe that Miso is uniquely positioned to potentially capitalize.”

The team aims to use this new round of funding to speed up the go-to-market plan for Flippy ROAR (the next iteration of the robotic kitchen assistant) and invest in the company’s engineering.

The campaign is successfully funded towards its minimum funding target and still accepting investments.


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