GROUNDFLOOR & NowRx Milestones

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GROUNDFLOOR surpasses $1mm of reservations

GROUNDFLOOR recently surpassed $1mm in reservations on SeedInvest. The company is a wealthtech platform offering real estate investments to everyone.
By confirming a reservation, you have the opportunity to purchase shares ahead of the company’s public launch as it awaits SEC qualification. A reservation is non-binding and you may cancel at any time.


NowRx surpasses $15mm raised & campaign ending next Friday

We are excited to announce that NowRx has surpassed $15mm in investments, making it the company with the most investments currently on SeedInvest.
The company is a technology-driven, on-demand pharmacy providing free, same-day delivery.
Friday, June 19th is the last day to invest – there are 8 days left.


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