GROUNDFLOOR Vs Other Real Estate Investment Platforms

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How GROUNDFLOOR is different from other real estate investment platforms
GROUNDFLOOR states it is the first and only issuer of payment-dependent real estate notes ever qualified by the SEC under Regulation A+ and therefore able to offer such investment products to accredited and non-accredited investors in all 50 states.

Some platforms, like PeerStreet, have not qualified their offerings with the SEC and therefore cannot offer securities to non-accredited investors. Others, like Fundrise, offer investment funds backed by real estate and equity in single family housing with returns on a time horizon of 5+ years.

Instead of operating funds, GROUNDFLOOR provides a platform for investors to make their own direct investments. The company provides investors with tools groundto build their own strategy and make their own investments directly, without ceding control over their liquidity to an intermediary.

GROUNDFLOOR’s campaign on SeedInvest is successfully funded and still accepting investments.

Recent Update: Q3 Record

Despite the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulence of financial markets, GROUNDFLOOR set an all-time investment record in Q3 2020 with 33% quarter over quarter growth (unaudited), indicating investor confidence in its products as a viable alternative to public investment options. This quarterly investment volume of $44.5mm surpasses the previous quarter record of $33.5mm.

Investment volume is directly tied to the companyโ€™s ability to grow revenue – more retail investments means more available capital to lend to individuals seeking financing for residential real estate projects. Originated loans are then used to create investment securities (LROs) that individual investors can invest in, $10 at a time.


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