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Happy 2021! As we celebrate the start of the new year, we wanted to take a moment to talk about how a new year can inspire us to improve ourselves. In fact, an estimated 74% of the US population will make a new year’s resolution for 2021.

Perhaps not surprisingly given that COVID-19 has kept us at home for much of last year, early surveys indicate that the top resolutions this year focus around health. According to a survey from Statista, the top resolutions for 2021 are: exercise more (44%), eat healthier (42%), and spend more time with family/friends (34%).

But the new year is also a great time to think about your finances and what your financial goals are for 2021 and beyond. Similar to reaching your health goals, reaching your financial goals takes time. And if there’s one truism about long-term goals, it’s that there is no better time to start working towards them than today.

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