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Last week our CEO Howard Marks was interviewed on Kitco News and discussed the state of the economy and how equity crowdfunding fits into a changing investment landscape. “The pandemic, in many ways, has accelerated the future,” Howard told Kitco News Associate Producer and Anchor David Lin.

Despite the challenges that COVID has created for entrepreneurs, there was a massive increase in the number of new business applications in the US in Q3 this year, according to data from the US Census Bureau. “I think a lot of people lost their jobs in the beginning of the pandemic,” Howard said. “This generated an opportunity for people at home to say, ‘should I pursue my dreams today?'”

At StartEngine, our company mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and there are 111 companies raising capital right now on our platform. Take a look at some those entrepreneurs’ ideas and read about their dreams. Maybe you’ll find your next investment.

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