Hemptown’s Smokin’ Hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Investor Update

The Power of Hemptown

Hemptown Naturals is very close to the finish line in raising their maximum goal of $1,070,000 on Title3Funds! Featured as one of the Top 10 Weekly Raises on KingsCrowd, HT Naturals continues to bring in investments.
โ€ข HTN’s hemp products provide an ideal alternative to tobacco cigarettes, in a familiar and widely accessible form factor.
โ€ข The team has extensive experience in the hemp industry and has built a reputation for producing a very high-quality wholesale product.
โ€ข Products are made using industrial hemp directly off our family-run farm in Southern Oregon.

Paybby: Banking for Black and Brown Communities
Paybbyโ€™s Wicket Banking app is the only banking app for the Black and Brown communities that will recirculate money back to the community. This week, they pushed past $40,000 in investments and are almost halfway to their minimum goal.
โ€ข Strategic partnerships with Radius Bank, Mastercard, Carver Federal Savings Bank, Blue Ridge Bank, and Boss Insights.
โ€ข Driven founding team, with strong credentials in finance, technology, marketing, and scaling businesses
โ€ข More than 25% of U.S. households are unbanked or are underbanked.


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