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Solace | Digital First, Consumer-Centric Modern Funeral Solution

The funeral industry is frozen in time and infamous for its often predatory, confusing and misleading sales tactics. Solace Cremation launch just over a year ago with the mission to make a difficult time easier by offering a digital-first, seamless cremation service where the family is the focus. Solace has an all-inclusive and transparent direct cremation cost of $895 ensuring no surprises for families. Families are never charged additional fees for items such as device removal, weight or in-person return of remains; a stark contrast to alternative local providers.

Solace wholly owns the web-based consumer journey and all aspects of the consumer experience. To deliver cremation services, Solace works with best-in-class, white-label partners. These services are sold at time of need, though additionally families are able to pre-arrange with all required authorizations and information securely stored digitally. The company currently serves the Portland and Seattle metro areas. Additional geographic expansion is planned following this financing.


Twofold | Innovative Furniture Solution for Homes & Offices

Twofold, a startup that manufactures smart, on-demand, and space-saving furniture, leverages lean processes and an on-demand model to innovate the furniture industry. When the global pandemic started, it became evident to the company that how and where we work will be very different moving forward. The team has utilized their deep and close partnerships with industry experts as well as their efficient business model, to create products for this new reality.

The company’s products are manufactured in Portland, Oregon, and most of its materials come from the Pacific Northwest. With their manufacturing partners in their backyard, the company is able to be present for both product development and initial production runs, staying at the the forefront of industry and design changes.

Twofold is going to market by using the existing network of its sales partners to grow into key markets as quickly as possible. Thus far, the company has achieved over $90,000 in pre-launch revenue and is in the process of launching several new products.



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