How TruckBux Works & New Contiq Customers

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How TruckBux’s food truck online ordering platform works

Today there are over 25k food trucks in the U.S. and the industry is now over $1.1bn. TruckBux is a full-stack platform addressing both sides of the marketplace.
โ€ข Customers use the app to find nearby trucks, order ahead for pickup or delivery, and easily pay. TruckBux recently integrated with Postmates, allowng the company to now deliver across all 50 states.
โ€ข Food truck owners use the app to receive incoming pickup & delivery orders, set their live location, maintain control of the menu & hours, and receive sales analytics.
TruckBux takes a commission on every order made – 15% on pickup orders and 20% on delivery orders. The company has achieved over $157k in Gross Merchandise Value in 2019, representing 123% growth from 2018 (unaudited).

Contiq signs two new customers
Contiq has acquired BristleCone (part of the Tech Mahindra), a supply chain consulting company and Txtsmarter, a service for high compliance industries to track messaging, as its two newest clients for pilot programs. Since launch in January 2020, the company has signed up 700+ users and key customers include VMware and Deloitte.
Contiq is an AI-powered buyer intelligence platform, helping B2B sellers win deals faster.


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