Humanly 127% Funded & Upcoming Webinar

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Humanly 127% Funded

Humanly’s campaign is successfully funded and is still accepting investments. As a reminder, Humanly is a next generation recruiting platform designed to save hiring teams time and improve candidate experience.
Deal highlights include:
• Signed 19 customers since product launch in 2019, including Farmers Insurance, Armoire.Style, and Feather
• Grew monthly recurring revenue 279% from December 2019 to June 2020, reaching $19.9k of total monthly recurring revenue
• Participated in the Y Combinator accelerator in early 2020 and received an investment from their fund
• CEO and founder has 10+ years experience at Microsoft, with expertise in product management and employee engagement
• Winner of the Sacramento Kings’ 2020 Capitalize Contest, powered by Accenture and Sacramento Urban Technology Lab


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