Important Update | Winc Sets End Date, Knightscope Engineer Joins Graze & More

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We’re excited to announce Winc’s end date – Friday, March 27th. In addition, Graze welcomes former Knightscope K5 lead engineer, NowRx saves customers over $1mm, and Monogram’s Founder is set to present at two conferences.

Campaign Announcement






Winc sets campaign end date – March 27th

Winc has set its campaign end date to Friday, March 27th, 2020 – less than six weeks from today. This is the last day you will be able to join the company as an investor in this round. Additionally, please note that as a private company, there is no guarantee that you will have the ability to invest in Winc in the future.

Business Updates

Graze welcomes former Knightscope lead engineer & new advisor

Graze recently welcomed Rob Anderson, Co-Founder and Head of Mechanical Engineering at Miso Robotics, as its newest advisor. Prior to Miso, Rob worked at Microsoft and SpaceX, where he supported the development of increased performance in rocket engine components. He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering at CalTech.

In addition, Graze also hired Philip Wong as its Principal Engineer to focus on localization, perception, and motion planning for Graze’s autonomous lawn mower. Prior to joining the company, Phillip spent six years as the K5 Lead Engineer of Knightscope, the autonomous security company that raised $20mm on SeedInvest, making it the most successful equity campaign on a crowdfunding platform to date.

NowRx saves customers over $1mm via proprietary software

NowRx is proud to announce that since deploying its proprietary QuickFill pharmacy automation technology in April 2019, its intelligent auto-coupon software feature has saved customers over $1mm in total.

“With our system, the coupon is applied automatically and the consumer gets the savings without having to remember it or to take any extra steps to activate it,” notes CEO Cary Breese. Since being deployed, over 6k prescriptions have had manufacturer coupons automatically applied by NowRx’s Quickfill system.

Monogram’s Founder to present at Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS & more

Monogram’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Douglas Unis was selected to present as one of three keynote speakers at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation “Robotic Revolution: The Future of Surgery” event on March 5th in New York City. Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS) is the global incubator division of J&J. Dr. Unis will be the only unaffiliated keynote speaker. He will present his work with Monogram and contributions to the field of robotic surgery.

In addition, Dr. Unis was recently invited to present at the Anterior Hip Foundation 2020 Conference “A Hip Future” in Las Vegas. Keynote speaker Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Dr. Unis, and others will discuss insights on technology and efficiency that will drive value in the healthcare of tomorrow.




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