Industry spotlight: Live DTC deals

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Live direct-to-consumer (DTC) deals

It’s never been easier for companies to build a brand and sell directly to consumers (DTC). Today it’s possible to completely cut out retail middlemen and sell direct online. This allows DTC companies to achieve higher profit margins.
All around the world, DTC startups are taking market share from large incumbents. Warby Parker did it for prescription glasses, and is valued at over $1 billion today. Dollar Shave Club did it for men’s grooming, and was acquired by Unilever for $1 billion. Allbirds is doing it with shoes, and is now valued at $1.7 billion. Purple did it for mattresses, and is valued at over $2 billion today.
Those are just a few examples out of thousands of new emerging brands. DTC is hot, and for good reason. Entrepreneurs can now easily host their own web store, then advertise directly to their target audience on Facebook, Google, and other ad networks. The costs to build a consumer brand are a fraction of what they once were.
In addition, DTC companies can raise funds online on platforms like Republic. They can offer their best customers the chance to own a piece of the business. DTC has evolved into a powerful model with tremendous potential.
Live DTC (direct-to-consumer) deals on Republic

• Stojo makes earth-conscious reusable products that make it easier to live sustainably. $16M in revenue with just $1M of funding.

• TapRm enables beer brands to sell DTC. 670% growth YoY, $5M annual run rate.

• Canopy is building the next-generation N95 respirator. Reusable, transparent, comfortable, and affordable. Saves hospitals >50% on PPE; quickly pays for itself.

• Ratio makes elegant premium coffee makers. DTC revenue increased 322% in 2020 through August.

• Cannabox sells cannabis accessory subscriptions (boxes) DTC. $400k current monthly revenue, $11.5M sales to date. Was the first cannabis box business.

• BAOBAB sells their “Perfect Polo” shirt DTC. 35% customer repurchase rate with 87% of those customers buying multiple shirts.

• Moku looks like bacon, tastes like jerky, and is made from mushrooms. Sells through 3 DTC channels: Amazon, Thrive Market, and its own site.

• AKUA sells kelp jerky and kelp burgers. 70% of sales are direct-to-consumer.

• OTIS Dental makes custom night guards for people who grind their teeth at night. Unique DTC subscription model offers recurring revenue.

• Primal Life Organics makes natural organic skincare and oral care products. Profitable with almost $5M in annual sales.
Note: the issuers featured in this newsletter are being highlighted as they all sell physical goods in the direct-to-consumer space.

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