Innovative Solar-Battery System Raises $500K

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Over $500K Raised

Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Solar+battery system for home or business
$520,670 Raised | 801 Investors
$249.90 Min. Investment

YouSolar is the innovative clean-energy company that created the PowerBloc, a revolutionary solar and battery system for home or business that delivers resilient and clean power for a modern world. Reasons to invest in YouSolar include:
โ€ข Good Margins: The PowerBloc is produced with a lean cost structure resulting in a target margin of 40% at a competitive price.
โ€ข Strong Backers: The MIT Angels of Northern California led YouSolarโ€™s Series A round in December of 2018.
YouSolar was a National Finalist in the 2018 CleanTech Open. You can invest in YouSolar for as little as $249.90.


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