Invest in Lonesome Soldier, A Military Movies Motion Picture

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Lonesome Soldier is the first in a series of films currently being produced by Military Movies, a studio that aims to become a well-known brand in the military marketing world by working with both active duty and retired military personnel to make character-driven authentic American motion pictures.

Likened by Hollywood insiders to a “modern day Deer Hunter”, Lonesome Soldier is an incredible true story about a community in Middle America in the 21st century. Featuring an ensemble cast that should include both Oscar winners and nominees, as well as some fresh new faces, this film has a detailed casting strategy crafted to bring to life this story about love, family, pain, war, and community.

The filmmaking team behind Lonesome Soldier and Military Movies has partnered with NextSeed to allow folks like yourself to invest directly in the future growth of their movie.

By allowing everyone to participate in private offerings, NextSeed enables you to invest alongside experienced investors like the ones who have already invested $1.38MM in the production of Lonesome Soldier.

The film is scheduled to begin filming in the Fall/Winter of 2020, in both Los Angeles and New Mexico. The goal of this production is to produce an authentic, high production value feature film on a modest budget of under $5MM. The project has already raised $1.38MM in equity and is approved for up to $500K in tax credits for producing the film in New Mexico.

Films receive revenue from theatrical releases, streaming rights, and foreign distribution. Military Movies Productions aims to have a liquidity event by early-to-late 2021, at which point potlonesomeential dividends will be distributed to equity investors first in a waterfall structure.


Here are the highlights:

Lonesome Soldier is the first in a series of genre films for a military audience produced by Military Movies Productions
Film production studio focused on telling authentic, character-driven stories focused on honoring and entertaining Military families and enthusiasts
The project has already raised $1.38MM in equity and is approved for up to a $500K tax credit for producing the film in New Mexico
3-part distribution strategy includes theatrical distributions, DVD and streaming rights, and foreign sales to military personnel abroad
Veteran production team with a combined 50+ years in the entertainment industry and strong military ties
Actors with offers pending (and looking to finalize shortly) include Titus Welliver, Sean Astin, John Ashton and Brandon Quinn

Invest in Lonesome Soldier

“This film is a tribute to the sacrifice of our veterans and a testament to the enduring American spirit.”
– Alexander Randazzo, Screenwriter/Actor

10% of the Producers’ net profits will be donated to veterans associations helping soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS).

If you have any questions about this offering, leave a comment on the campaign page & the Lonesome Soldier Team will get


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