Invest in Parallel Flight Technologies: Heavy Lift Drones

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Parallel Flight Technologies’ drones can carry heavy loads ten times longer than existing unmanned technology. The company has just announced the design of their new beta-level drone. This is Parallel Flight’s first production-intent drone, and it is now in construction at their headquarters. Reasons to invest in Parallel Flight Technologies include:
โ€ข Strong Team: Parallel Flight Technologies’ CEO is a former Tesla Semi-Truck electrical engineering leader, and its founding team has deep robotics experience.
โ€ข Approaching Commercialization: Their product has evolved from a prototype to a production-intent aircraft featuring a compact hybrid power module design, large cargo volume, lightweight carbon fiber body, shock-absorbing landing gear, and all-weather flight capability.
Parallel Flight Technologies’ beta pipeline has multiple customers worldwide, with aircraft deliveries planned to begin in mid-2021. You can invest in Parallel Flight Technologies for as little as $499.69.


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