Invest in Robotic Food Automation | Recently launched in Walmart and Jamba

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Blendidย has engineered a robotic, AI-enabled food automation kiosk that creates customized smoothies on demand.


The companyโ€™s automated, contactless food prep kiosks are designed to make healthy food affordable and accessible while keeping patrons safe. In the future, the company hopes to apply their robotic food prep technology to other cuisines, including soups, bowls, salads, and more.


Highlights include:

  • Launched co-branded Blendid robotic kiosk with Jamba (Juice) in November
  • Launched robotic kiosk with Walmart in October 2020 with intent to expand
  • Raised $13.5M in early stage funding
  • Participated in the Plug & Play accelerator program in 2017



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