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Invest in Startups with Eco-Friendly Practices


Graze hopes to reduce air and noise pollution in commercial landscaping

Traditional gas-powered lawn mowers have long been a culprit for air and noise pollution. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that new mowers produce 11x more harmful emissions than new cars in one hour of driving.

In California, Graze’s home base, approximately 60 towns and cities already have some form of ban on gas-powered garden tools in place. Graze looks forward to bringing environmental sustainability to the landscaping world with its electric,


CEO of Caliburger notes Miso Robotics’ ability to minimize food waste

Miso Robotics has created Flippy, a patented, AI enabled robotic kitchen assistant. Flippy has cooked over 40k lbs. of fried food and 9k burgers at LA Dodgers Stadium, Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field, and two CaliBurger locations.

Jeffrey Kalt, CEO of Caliburger, recently noted that “Flippy produces a consistent product each and every time” because of the consistent cook times and procedures that the robot follows, thus minimizing waste.



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