Invest in the Future of Commercial Lawn Mowing

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Regulation A+ Offering

Fully Autonomous Electric Lawn Mowers

Graze is paving the way for a fully-autonomous future of commercial lawn mowing. Their proprietary technology allows for landscaping companies, golf courses, and more to reduce labor costs and increase profit margins. They believe their full-electric vehicle reduces 75% of any fuel costs. Reasons to invest in Graze include:
โ€ข Funding Momentum: As part of their Series A offering, Graze has previously raised $3.88M, almost 40% of their maximum $10M round.
โ€ข Large and Growing Market: Graze is poised for growth in the $98.7 billion commercial landscaping market, as well as the $14.16 billion golfing market.
โ€ข Experienced Management: Graze CEO John Vlay is an industry insider with 35 years of experience and an exit under his belt.
Graze is revolutionizing the lawn mowing process and focusing on renewable energy, and they intend to disrupt the lawn and commercial landscaping industry. You can invest in Graze for as little as $498.80.


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