Invest in the Future of Renewable Energy Storage

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StorEn is manufacturing safe, eco-friendly, cost-effective vanadium flow batteries for renewable energy storage. StorEn claims its batteries last 2.5x as long as Tesla’s lithium batteries, with more capacity. Reasons to invest in StorEn include:
โ€ข Intellectual Property: StorEn has been granted internationally-extended patents, securing its innovative IP in all major regions and countries in the world.
โ€ข Efficient & Cost-Effective: With a battery life of 25 years and more than 15K cycles, StorEn’s batteries satisfy market demand for efficient, durable and cost-effective energy storage.
StorEn’s batteries are 100% recyclable, 100% reusable, low-emission, non-pollutant, and reduce mining. You can invest in StorEn for as little as $480.00.


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