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In 2021, over 40M taxpayers will report owning or trading cryptocurrencies
With traditional investments, there are typically long-established financial statements made available on demand by your financial institution that make it pretty easy to determine your tax liability. This is unfortunately not the case for crypto investments.

NODE40 has removed the complicated barriers to cryptocurrency tax compliance
NODE40 is an intuitive and transparent cryptocurrency tax platform that simplifies the increasing complexity of tracking on-blockchain and off-blockchain transactions—offering a simple solution for crypto investors and enabling financial professionals to be leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency accounting and ensure proper compliance management. NODE40 aggregates transactions from multiple sources, assigns cost basis, simplifies tax filing preparations, and more with unprecedented speed, transparency, and accuracy.
• “QuickBooks for crypto” offering enterprise-grade transaction tracking for tax compliance
• Evaluates activity from all crypto wallets and exchanges, as well as on-chain tracking, to provide a simple and clear summary for how to file your taxes
• Patent-pending SMART Algorithm applies financial/IRS rules to movement within and between portfolios to focus on asset lifecycle and taxable activity
• Total addressable market of $1.6B has grown over 6x since 2015
• Team has 20 years of experience managing web-based services and blockchain hosting


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