Invest in Wefunder itself. Better laws just rolled out

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Invest in Wefunder itself

New laws just rolled out!

Starting today, anyone can invest as little as $100 in Wefunder itself.

In 2012, we helped persuade Congress to allow anyone to invest in startups. That original law was flawed and not enough startups used it. But now, after nine years of lobbying, the SEC reformed Regulation Crowdfunding. It’s a big deal. With the new laws, we expect many more startups will raise on Wefunder.

If you’d like to invest, some highlights:
โ€ข $200+ million annual run rate in funding volume (GMV)

โ€ข February 2021 results: $982,911 revenue, 98% gross margin, $662,543 expenses, $302,723 net income.

โ€ข 5X+ year-over-year growth in investment volume, Q4 ’20 over Q4 ’19
We built Wefunder so that startups could raise capital from their own customers. And today, we’re eating our own dog food. Thank you for being part of the Wefunder community and supporting founders across America!


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