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Fundanna Updates is making a timely return to highlight new businesses and provide updates to startups raising on our platform.




Desert Cannalytix Inc. is building its state-of-the-art testing laboratory in Las Vegas for the CBD/Hemp market.


Desert Cannalytix team participated in the White Label Expo in Las Vegas on September 1 and 2, where CEO/founder Malorie La Fuente served as a guest speaker in a discussion on the topic of “The Endocannabinoid System: A Physiological Perspective.”


The company, which accepts investments starting at $150, is on track to launch its laboratory, dedicated app, and other specialized services in 2021.



New Campaign


Shaman Productions creates CBD/CBG infused proprietary formulations and is behind the Abeytu’ Naturals product line.



The company, which accepts investments starting at $1,000, aims to provide health and wellness solutions that are backed by clinical research in the field of Pathology, Epidemiology, Blood Chemistry, Aesthetics, Microbiology.



Top performer


America Vanity is tapping into the luxury CBD skincare market with its skincare formulations that include organic CBD. The company has also developed its proprietary BioAdvance CBD delivery system for better implementation of its formula.


America Vanity, which accepts investments starting at $200, is preparing to add a more affordable lineup, targeting millennial customers this year.




Minimum Goal Reached

E-commerce, delivery, subscription, distribution, and 3PL solutions for the hemp industry

Regulation CF Offering

$24,081 Committed | 54 Investors

$250 Min. Investment

$3,062,500 Valuation


HighRes Labs

Cannabis testing facility based in Oklahoma

Regulation CF Offering

$13,500 Committed | 28 Investors

$200 Min. Investment

$3,600,000 Valuation


Greenzone Pharms LLC

First CBD hemp processor in Illinois

Regulation CF Offering

$11,010 Committed | 45 Investors

$200 Min. Investment

$5,000,000 Valuation


Shaman Productions

CBD/CBG infused proprietary formulations

Regulation CF Offering

$33,000 Committed | 4 Investors

$1,000.00 Min. Investment

$2,000,000 Valuation

Recent Successful Offerings


World’s First Click And Collect Cannabis Platform

Regulation CF Offering

$166,700 Committed | 284 Investors

$300 Min. Investment

$5,000,000 Valuation



New Green LLC

CBD Retail

Regulation CF Offering

$90,420 Committed | 92 Investors

$100 Min. Investment

$3,275,000 Valuation


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