Jane West launches

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It’s 2020 and the cannabis market is not only real, it’s massive. With recreational cannabis legal in 11 states (and Canada) and medicinal cannabis available in 33 states. Cannabis-curious customers, particularly women and baby boomers, are not just consuming cannabis legally โ€” they’re looking for high-quality products they can trust.

Unfortunately, with the cannabis boom came forgettable brands of questionable quality, with few (if any) leaders in the space known by name for their product and excellence.

Enter Jane West
The Jane West brand is built by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers. They’re not just a cannabis brand with cannabis products. They’re a one-stop shop for all things cannabis โ€” from flower to CBD products, accessories, capsules, glasswear, and so much more.

As part of the $8 Billion cannabis space, Jane West is well positioned to become a recognizable, trustworthy, and profitable mainstay in this booming world, elevating the cannabis experience for every type of consumer.

Invest in Jane West

The Highlights
Licensed cannabis partners secured in 10 US states, doubling in 2020
Full catalog of 30+ signature products available, online and in stores
Diversely owned, 80% held by women and people of color
First CF Republic raise closed $189K from 550 investors
US legal cannabis market growing at 14% CAGR, expected $30B by 2025 (unaudited)


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