Jassby | Mobile banking & commerce app for kids and teens

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Jassby is a mobile money app and virtual debit card that teaches kids financial literacy through parent-guided hands on experience. With Jassby’s app, families can manage money, chores, and allowance right from their phones. Kids will be able to spend their money on products at the Jassby store as well as anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.
Notable deal highlights include:
• Built in eCommerce store with over 22% margins
• Co-Brand Agreement with Mastercard for a No Fee Virtual Debit Card for kids and teens
• Investors include Blumberg Capital, Moneta Venture Capital, and Correlation Ventures; advisors include the former assistant general counsel of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

• Over 400K installs and 150K completed registrations
• CEO and Founder, Benny Nachman, is the Founder and Chairman of Credorax Inc., a global acquiring bank with dozens of bank licenses worldwide, and billions in annual processing

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