Kibbo launches on Republic – Combining co-living + vanlife

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• Capitalizing on trends in remote work, co-living, and transportation
• Alternative affordable housing option for experience-focused millennials
• Recreational vehicle sales are at record highs; 90% YoY growth in shipments
• Over $600K already raised from leading venture and angel investors
The multi-trillion housing market is being disrupted. With climate change, wildfires, hurricanes and COVID, the traditional housing product is outdated and broken. Not only that, but market shifts around remote work, learning, entertainment and commerce reflect new consumer desires that current housing can’t meet.

Kibbo has created a housing product that delivers freedom and community with all the comforts of home. With a van as a mobile bedroom and access to a network of clubhouses across the West Coast, clients can change locations whenever they want, connect with interesting people, go on wild adventures and still have space to work and be productive.


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