KingsCrowd Deal Sheet – April 13th

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The latest deals available for investment are out! We’ve created a list so you can see all these new startups in one easy place.

We’ve also highlighted three exciting deals below. These are not KingsCrowd staff picks, so be sure to check out their analytics page to get more information if you’re interested in one of them.


Protxx, with a valuation cap of $12 million, is raising crowdfunding on Wefunder. The medical technology company has developed wearable sensors that transform the lives of people with complex neurological conditions. The phybrata sensor of Protxx detects involuntary motions of the body, analyses them, and quantifies the impairments.

John Ralston founded Protxx in 2016. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding campaign, with a minimum goal of $250,000 and a maximum goal of $1,070,000, will be used for product development, sales and marketing, pilot deployments, IP and regulatory filings, and G&A expenses. Protxxโ€™s PAAS model enhances the management and treatment of stroke, concussions, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinsonโ€™s.


Vin Social, with a $17 million valuation cap, is raising funds on Wefunder. The company offers virtual hospitality services for top brands and tech companies through its online programs, e-commerce platform, and national product fulfillment capabilities.

Sara Moll founded Vin Social in July 2020. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding campaign, with a minimum raise of $50,000 and a maximum raise of $1,070,000, will be used to improve the e-commerce platform and tech infrastructure, hire new team members, and acquire new customers. Vin Social has generated $750,000 in revenues since its launch and is on track to reach $1 million in revenues in the first year. The current clients of Vin Social include Adweek, Cisco, Amazon, Verizon, and many others.


Flat Out of Heels, with a pre-money valuation of $6 million, is raising funds on StartEngine. The company makes rollable ballet-style flats that can either be used as an emergency flat or worn every day. The shoes can be rolled and kept in purses due to their compact design.

Dawn Dickson founded Flat Out of Heels in 2011. The current crowdfunding campaign has a minimum target of $9,994 and a maximum target of $1,069,995, and the funds will be used to fund growth and expansion. Flat Out of Heels has been promoted by celebrities like Swin Cash and Eva Longoria and featured in publications such as CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and Forbes.


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