KingsCrowd Newsletter – February 25th

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Can you believe it’s nearly March already? And you know what that means — the beginning of spring, March madness, and the new SEC rules go into effect! The limit increase for Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns kicks in March 15th. Just as a reminder, the SEC will allow startups to raise up to $5 million from everyday investors — a major improvement over the current $1.07 million limit.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this change. At KingsCrowd, we’re particularly interested to see how this affects the overall amount of money invested into Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. We saw a major uptick in total investment amounts throughout 2020 — the overall total for the year was just over $200 million. With the new limit going into affect so early in the year, we’re very optimistic for 2021 to blow last year’s figure out of the water. And so far, things are right on track. The total amount raised in January 2021 –$29 million — beat the previous month. And February is looking good to either meet or exceed January’s total! It’s an excellent time to be a startup investor.




Telehealth has exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps an unexpected niche for telehealth to make improvements is in speeding up the process for clinical trials.


MedVector has developed a platform that accelerates the clinical trial phase by connecting participants from anywhere in the world to ongoing clinical trials sites. With major market growth, a well-formed team, and the potential to completely change the clinical trial industry, MedVector earns a well-deserved Deal to Watch rating.

In recent months, golf has reinvented itself as one of the most safe and fun ways to get active and connect with friends during quarantine. However, one common pain point for golfers is buying new clubs. There’s little chance to try a club without buying it — resulting in a high probably of dissatisfaction.

has created interactive retail kiosks — placed primarily on golf courses — that allow golfers to try clubs before they buy. Strong differentiators and early performance make this sports startup a Deal to Watch.


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