KINGSCROWD Newsletter – February 4th

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The numbers for the first month of 2021 are officially in… And things are looking great! Reg CF investments for January totaled more than $29M! That’s more than any single month in 2020, and nearly every month last year beat the one before it for total investments. The momentum that the startup investing ecosystem built up last year is carrying forward — and just wait until the new Reg CF limits go into effect in March! I think we’re going to see a solid increase in deal flow and investments in the latter half of this year due to these changes.

As always, I’m so excited to see how equity crowdfunding continues to evolve and grow. Who knows — maybe we’ll reach $30M in commitments for February!


Every year, the need for higher quality battery and storage technologies grows. And with the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energies, finding ways to store energy more efficiently is a crucial task.

StorEn Technologies is creating vanadium flow batteries to address long-term energy storage needs. Its patent-protected technology, strong team, and promising supply-line partnership make StorEn a Deal to Watch.

Digital ad spending in the US is a massive industry — more than $92B was spent in 2020 alone. The challenge is in predicting how viewers will react to an advertisement or promotion.

Cortex is providing brands with insights into audience reactions to digital advertising. With its impressive team, traction, product, and more Cortex has received a well-deserved Top Deal rating from KingsCrowd.


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