KINGSCROWD Newsletter – January 28th

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Who knew that in January 2021 we’d be talking about GameStop? But if there’s one thing we’ve seen this week, it’s the power of the crowd. A band of retail investors like you and me has shown just how much they can accomplish when they work together for a common goal. And sadly, much of Wall Street and the institutional investing world has not reacted positively to this show of strength.

Just imagine what could happen if those retail investors brought that same focus to the private markets. With startup investing, there’s no trading app that can limit your investments. There’s no ability for a hedge fund manager or institutional investor to restrict you from investing in the next Google or Uber. I think this GameStop saga has really illustrated how the public market doesn’t have the best interests of retail investors at heart. And that’s why I think the expansion of the private markets and the growth of startup investing is so exciting. It’s the chance at real wealth generation that we all deserve.


Digital ad spending in the US is a massive industry — more than $92B was spent in 2020 alone. The challenge is in predicting how viewers will react to an advertisement or promotion.

Cortex is providing brands with insights into audience reactions to digital advertising. With its impressive team, traction, product, and more Cortex has received a well-deserved Top Deal rating from KingsCrowd.

Customer service is an important but unappreciated part of any business. Contractors in the home services industry in particular have a hard time with customer service.

Relay has created an app that provides contractors with a better way to communicate with their customers. The company’s strong traction from investors and revenue in particular grant a Deal to Watch from us.

Other KingsCrowd Favorite Deals:

A patented data management, visualization, and AI analytics SaaS solution for industrial asset inspection


Automatic, robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand


An alt-meat company making plant-based foods from regenerative aquaculture


A digital hair color mixing system – helping salons reduce cost and waste


A collaboration and marketplace app to organize tenant space build-outs and renovations


Reinventing crude oil, renewably


Medical devices for mood and sleep

Latest New Deals:

(Note: These are not recommendations)

ASTRALABS: The global portfolio of startups. Raising on Wefunder.

ChipBrain: Emotionally intelligent AI for sales professionals. Raising on Netcapital.

Cherrish: 100% all-natural cherry juice that fights inflammation. Raising on Republic.


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