KingsCrowd Newsletter – July 8th

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It’s the first week of July, summer is in full swing, and the funding totals for June are in. Investors put more than $38.7 million into online crowdfunding deals last month! That’s more than double last year’s June total of $17.3 million. Even more exciting, the first six months of 2021 have already surpassed the entire year of 2020 for total investments! Last year saw $214.9 million invested in crowdfunding startups. From January to June this year, more than $239.5 million has already been invested! This space continues to grow by leaps and bounds — and KingsCrowd is there every step of the way.

Another exciting development that shows the continued growth of online startup investing came from Republic earlier today. The platform announced that it has entered into a partnership with 500 Startups, a venture capital firm and startup accelerator. This partnership will give everyday investors greater access to companies that have received mentorship and support from a major name in the space. And it’s another sign that traditional venture capital is beginning to recognize the powerful potential held by the crowd.


Alcohol consumption is one of the oldest human practices on record. And hangover “cures” have been around for thousands of years. Such remedies are generally unscientific and unhelpful, though there are steps drinkers can take to avoid the worst hangover symptoms.

Cheers is addressing the problem by bringing science-based hangover mitigation to the market. The company’s products support the liver and rehydrate the body, enabling consumers to enjoy the short-term benefits of alcohol while lessening its painful consequences.

With $25 million in lifetime revenue and a patent protected formula, Cheers is well on its way to securing a strong niche for itself. That’s why it’s a Deal to Watch.

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things are bringing tremendous potential to nearly every aspect of life. However, they also bring a host of risks, including cyberattacks, identity theft, and the transmission of age-inappropriate content.

Gryphon is addressing these problems directly through its WiFi router and extensive security features. The companyโ€™s cloud-based systems can identify and remove malware, enable parental control over childrenโ€™s devices, manage screen time, and utilize artificial intelligence to protect users from hostile third parties.

Gryphon is targeting a large and growing market. Its subscription sales are growing, and its co-founders are well-qualified tech experts. All this and more makes Gryphon a Deal to Watch.


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