KingsCrowd Newsletter – March 4th

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One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new month is to take a look at how much was invested online in startups over the previous month. Throughout 2020, the total kept increasing month by month. That’s held steady into this year too. But I had my doubts about February. It’s a short month, after all. Would investors have enough time to find startups they liked and wanted to invest in? Would the deal flow slow down?

Well, it turns out that I shouldn’t have worried at all! The total amount invested for February was more than $33 million! That blows January’s $29 million out of the water. And it’s nearly triple what we saw in February of last year to boot! That’s some amazingly rampant growth. The democratization of startup investing is happening right now. And it’s only getting better from here.


The twin challenges of fossil fuel reliance and aging infrastructure invite huge innovations in the way America transports, builds, and consumes. We need solutions for both clean energy and better roads and sidewalks.

Solar Roadways plans to address both challenges at once. It has perfected a “Solar Road Panel” that can serve as a replacement for traditional driving and walking surfaces as well as a solar panel that generates energy. Excellent market potential, good social media, and a strong team make Solar Roadways a Deal to Watch.

Americans are increasingly looking for healthier food and beverage options. An overwhelming majority of Americans say they occasionally or always seek out healthy food options.

Genius Juice wants to answer that demand. The company produces healthy, plant-based, whole coconut drinks by combining both coconut water and meat into one. With strong distribution already in place and impressive year-over-year revenue growth, Genius Juice earns a well-deserved Deal to Watch rating.


Other KingsCrowd Favorite Deals:

Accelerating the speed of clinical trials

Interactive kiosks for golf-enthusiasts


Clean energy captured from ocean waves

Plant-based drinks for hydration, workout recovery, and better sleep


Helping the body fight cancer naturally and effectively


Non-addictive alternative to opioids

Vanadium-flow batteries for long-term energy storage


Making customer service for the home services market simple and easy for both contractors and clients

An alt-meat company making plant-based foods from regenerative aquaculture

Reinventing crude oil, renewably

Latest New Deals:

(Note: These are not recommendations)

Sircles: The social recommendations app designed to destroy Yelp. Raising on Wefunder.

FullSkoop: Farm-to-fridge meals available 24/7. Raising on Republic.

Audubon Bioscience: Biospecimen procurement service for pharma and healthcare. Raising on MicroVentures.


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