KingsCrowd Newsletter – May 27th

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I know we’re all excited for the long weekend ahead of us and the (unofficial) beginning of summer! So I’ll keep this short. The KingsCrowd office will be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day. We sincerely thank all the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

I hope you’re able to gather with friends or family to celebrate this weekend. I think after this past year, we all deserve a little fun and relaxation



Biobanking is a crucial part of medical development and research. Biobanks collect and distribute samples of human blood and tissue for the purposes of ethical research and analysis that respect donor privacy.


Audubon Biosciences offers biobanking services that focus on cancer research. The company is based out of Houston, TX and has presence in 12 countries already. It strongly distinguishes itself from competitors by offering large amounts of medical data in addition to its tissue samples. Audubon has achieved profitability, and at an $8 million valuation, it’s offering investors a very attractive price. All this and more makes Audubon Biosciences our latest Top Deal.


ESports is a growing sector of competitive sports where video game players participate in organized competitions. In 2020, nearly half a billion people tuned into an eSports event.


Tempo is looking to use the growth of eSports to fuel itself. The company has three areas of focus. Its studio will create eSports shows and content, the gaming division is building video games to fuel events, and it’s building an online community hub for viewers and players. Tempo saw more than $2 million in revenue last year, making its $30 million valuation a more fair price. The company is also targeting a rapidly growing market, and it already has some name recognition. That’s why Tempo is a Deal to Watch.


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