KingsCrowd Newsletter – May 6th

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The funding report for the month of April is in. More than $44 million was invested in startups via crowdfunding last month! That is less than March’s $59.6 million total. But remember that the new $5 million Regulation Crowdfunding limit went into effect in March. There were multiple companies just waiting for that new rule to go live, and their massive rounds helped send March’s total investments through the roof.

So, I’m not worried that April was a little lower. After all, April 2020 saw total investments of $13 million. That means we’ve seen more than 3x growth from this time last year! The online equity market is still growing. And KingsCrowd is here to help you navigate it.




Beef jerky is a classic snack for many consumers. But it’s not as healthy as many people think due to the presence of high sodium, sugar, and nitrates.

Ayoba is looking to reinvent beef jerkyโ€™s reputation. It creates and sells natural South African beef jerky lookalikes called biltong and droรซwors that are air-dried to eliminate added sugar and nitrates. Ayoba is offering early investors a very attractive valuation, and it made more than $1 million in recent revenue. Ayoba checks all the right boxes to be a Deal to Watch.



Heart disease is a leading cause of death in America. A major challenge in fighting heart disease is getting patients to the hospital in time to save their lives.

Oracle Health has developed a patent-pending, subdermal cardiac monitor to detect signs of heart failure early. The sensor monitors heart and lung sounds and has an electrocardiogram (ECG) to keep track of heart rhythms. Oracle Health is led by a team of medical industry experts, and its sensor is strongly differentiated from competitors. All this and more makes Oracle Health a Deal to Watch.


Other KingsCrowd Favorite Deals:

InnaMed: Quick and convenient at-home blood tests

SousZen: Streamlining restaurant kitchen operations

SimpleShowing: Streamlining the home showing and touring process

Monogram Orthopaedics: Custom, 3D printed knee and hip replacements

MedVector: Accelerating the speed of clinical trials

Cadi: Interactive kiosks for golf-enthusiasts

Phoenix PharmaLabs: Non-addictive alternative to opioids

Manta Biofuel: Reinventing crude oil, renewably


Latest New Deals:

(Note: These are not recommendations)

Golfkicks: Transform sneakers into golf shoes. Raising on Republic.

Tanoshi: Providing an equitable digital education for every child. Raising on StartEngine.

Canine Biologics: Food and supplements for dogs with cancer. Raising on Wefunder.


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