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When we think about the growth of online startup investing, we tend to focus a lot on the amount raised. And the growth in investments is impressive! From $80.7 million in 2018 to more than $360 million in 2021 to date, there’s no doubt that equity crowdfunding is exploding right now.

But there’s another seriously impressive metric that we often ignore — the number of investors making this market the success it is! In the Chart of the Week we published earlier this week, we examined how the number of investors has grown since 2018. And it is amazing. In January 2018, we tracked around 18,000 investors. Fast forward to September 2021, and we saw 253,000 investors funding startups in the online private markets. That’s more than 1000% growth!

I’m so excited and thankful to be part of this amazing moment in investing. It’s inspiring to watch thousands of startups, dozens of platforms, and hundreds of thousands of investors making the democratization of startup investing into a reality.

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Amount Raised to Date: $523,715
Number of Investors: 127
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Fisher Wallace Laboratories is simplifying and cheapening treatments for mood and sleep disorders through its Fisher Wallace Stimulator®. The neurostimulation device has proven to be safe and effective in preliminary studies, with only minor side effects in a small number of patients.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories is raising on a $40 million valuation. That figure is very attractive considering the company brought in more than $3.8 million in revenue last year. Furthermore, its device is thoroughly differentiated from the competition.

Fisher Wallace received a Deal to Watch rating. It is raising up to $10.4 million from investors. Its current StartEngine raise closes on October 25.

Only six days left to invest!

Liberty Access Technologies has developed electric vehicle (EV) charging systems that are optimized for efficiency and low cost operations. Its HYDRA system can connect to existing EV chargers and AC power in any combination and then manage all charging activities through a secure, centralized platform.

Liberty Access Technologies has a highly qualified founder who boasts 18 patents to his name. The company’s revenue is also growing steadily, with net losses narrowing to just $75,000 in 2019.

Liberty Access Technologies received a Deal to Watch rating. It is raising up to $1.8 million at a valuation of $19.2 million. Its current StartEngine raise closes on October 27.

Other KingsCrowd Favorite Deals:

Curastory: Connecting brands with high-quality influencers

Responsum Health: Making chronic illness management easier

Koning: Creating the next generation of breast imaging scanners

Hexanika: Software platform for data management and compliance

Matcherino: All-in-one event platform for eSports

Mycroft AI: Privacy-focused voice assistance technology

CurlMix: Providing natural hair care for curly and kinky hair

SelfDecode: Using DNA to improve consumers’ health

Oscilla Power: Capturing energy from ocean waves

Covira Surgical: Preventing surgical infections without antibiotics

Founder Profile: Brakes To Go Founder Randall Huntsinger

Car maintenance can bring a driver’s day to an abrupt halt. Most car owners dread having to deal with the hassle of repairs, which are often expensive and time-consuming. No one likes having to take off work to sit in an auto shop for hours on end.

To solve this problem, Brakes To Go has designed a service to bring brake repairs directly to customers. With a phone call or online booking, the company sends a certified mechanic to a client’s home or place of business. We reached out to Brakes To Go co-founder and CEO Randall Huntsinger to hear more about the inspiration behind the company and its emphasis on customer service.



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