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Transparent Path

The FDA estimates approximately 30-40% of the US food supply is wasted – roughly 133 billion pounds and $161B worth of food. Food waste is a huge problem that occurs at multiple levels of the supply chain.

Transparent Path is an IoT hardware and software solution that helps food supply chain companies track their food shipments from farm to store. Transparent Path can potentially disrupt a massive industry while providing a huge benefit to the world, making this a Deal to Watch.

ThisWay Global

An influential study on bias in hiring found that Black-sounding names were 50% less likely to generate job interviews. Black and LatinX populations are underrepresented at every professional level above support staff.

ThisWay Global is an artificially-intelligent hiring platform that matches job candidates with job openings without bias. The company has significant traction with a full sales pipeline in place and is solving a timely problem, making this a Deal to Watch.


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Signature Lacrosse: A new lacrosse equipment manufacturer

Smart Soda Holdings: Reinventing soft drink beverages

Pristeem: A quick and easy dry clean add-on solution

UpLyft: Self-transfer system helping individuals move from bed to wheelchair

HealthMed: Improving the lives of Medicaid patients

Kiwibot: A robotic system that helps companies deliver safely and quickly to their customers

Underweight Deal: Surfing the Wrong Direction

Is the game of golf declining in popularity or growing? With Millennials and Gen Z considering golf to be boring and the active number of courses declining, how can golf make a resurgence? Does it actually need one?

Sol Boards is trying to make golf more fun with its GolfBoard, a personal transport vehicle for the golf course that looks like a clubs-carrying electronic skateboard. The company’s founder believes that speeding up the game by introducing a fast and exciting ride can give golf a potentially much-needed boost in popularity. The company, however, has significant debt on its balance sheet, and the company has recently reorganized as well. Those issues and more garner an Underweight from us.


Latest New Deals:

(Note: These are not recommendations)

Solgaard: Innovative and sustainably designed gear. Raising on StartEngine.

PDX FC: Own part of a rapidly growing American soccer team. Raising on Wefunder.

Audios: Wireless loudspeakers that don’t require a wifi router or bluetooth. Raising on Republic.


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