Last chance to invest in these companies

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Last chance to invest these companies:
Check them out below…

Everydae – Digital tutoring app: Rapid growth during COVID-19.
• Edtech veterans with previous acquisitions: built and sold Veritas Prep the world’s largest privately owned test prep company.
• Watch their virtual investor presentation here.


Next Door Photos – Real estate photography capitalizing on industry shift towards virtual tours.
• Past 6 weeks average revenue per order up 38% as COVID pushes virtual tour add-ons.
• Watch their virtual investor presentation here.


Digital Brands Group – Revolutionizing the holding company model. Portfolio of high-growth ‘digital first’ apparel brands.
• $30.8M revenue in 2019 and 1.2M customers from the 4 brands owned.
• Watch their virtual investor presentation here.


Film: What Are You Doing New Year’s? – A romantic comedy set at the same holiday house party over the course of 6 years.
• Director / Writer has acted in Watchmen, Mad Men, Westworld, Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, etc.
• Producers’ credits include work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ellen, Comedy Central, Verizon, Disney, Facebook Watch, and HBO’s “The Newsroom.”


Lifograph – Wiki of People: world’s first crowdsourced networking platform with 7M+ profiles.
• $300K+ in total revenue. From 500,000 profiles to 7,280,000 profiles in 12 months.
• Founder is a Wharton MBA and Silicon Valley influencer. Advisors include entrepreneurs with multi million-dollar exits.
• Over 150% month-over-month revenue growth in the last 3 months. Highest revenue in March 2020 despite COVID-19.


HelloWoofy – Marketing platform driven by AI + data science


Avenify– A marketplace lending platform for ISAs


Thuzio– Sports events and media company


The Lieu-Building better bathroom experiences for women in the workplace


GRIT BXNG- The group fitness studio with a full liquor bar


Alpha’a- Crowdsourced purpose driven art


Althea- Faster, cheaper, decentralized internet


WhereBy.Us– Helping customers build, grow, and monetize their newsletters


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