Launching Today from Republic: The Deal Room, $2M raised

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We’ve got some exciting news.
As you know, Republic is in the business of making investing accessible to all. Our entire platform is built on the idea that power, profit, and purpose belong to the people. We do this by:
• Rethinking traditional funding models
• Demystifying investing with education
• Building a platform where anyone can invest
This week we’re furthering that conversation with an exciting announcement. We’re officially launching…(insert dramatic music)…The Republic Deal Room.
The Republic Deal Room
The Republic Deal Room is a new marketplace for accredited investors to evaluate and invest in early-stage companies, real estate, funds, and more presented by the Republic Ecosystem.
Last week we talked about what it takes to qualify as an accredited investor. Most accredited investors have one of the following: a net worth of over $1M, over $200k/year ($300k jointly) in income for two years, or in some cases, have specific credentials in good standing.
Some of our readers may meet these qualifications. (If that’s you, please apply to be part of the Deal Room here.) We also know that many of our readers will not meet these criteria. This diversity within our own group of investors is a sign that Republic is succeeding in its mission and rest assured, we’re working hard to deliver opportunities for everyone.
We believe in helping investors for the entirety of their investment journey. That means that we want to support someone making their first $100 startup investment, help them diversify their portfolio, and now, provide offerings for accredited investors.
Whether you’re an accredited investor or one of our valued individual investors, your dollar is your vote. In just over a month after its soft launch, the Republic Deal Room has already hosted offerings that have raised over $2M for companies that are paving the way for the future.
What does this mean?
1. Companies can raise more money on our platform.
2. Accredited investors can get access to more deals through the Republic Ecosystem.
3. Non-accredited investors will still have access to our standard deals.
4. More people will be deciding what companies will shape the future.
5. We’ll be creating more opportunities to improve financial literacy for both non-accredited investors and accredited investors.
Excited about the Republic Deal Room but aren’t an accredited investor? With changing rules on March 15th, companies will be able to raise 5x more and unaccredited investors will have access to even more startup deals.
Another opportunity for all investors: Join the discord. We love our community, so we created a place for our investors to connect. If you’ve been looking for a group of people who are just as excited about crypto, startups, and real estate as you—the group is open.
Highlighting Black-Founded Companies
To celebrate the last week of Black History Month, here are all the Black-founded live deals on the platform. With partners and endorsements from Beyoncé, the NBA, Techstars, Google, Macy’s, and more, these deals are ones to watch.

• Audios is rethinking the event industry with new speaker hardware. They’ve got 6 patents for the new tech, along with investors like Charles Huang, Co-Creator of Guitar Hero and Andy Rachleff, Co-Founder of Benchmark & CEO Wealthfront. With 4 years of perfecting the product, they’re ready for manufacturing and rapid growth. Invest with as little as $100.

• BAOBAB is disrupting the men’s fashion industry, starting with the polo shirt. They’ve had 800% revenue growth in the last two years with a 35% customer repurchase rate. They’ve been awarded the “Best New Polo Shirt of the Season” by Men’s Journal, and featured on Shark Tank + Yahoo Finance. Invest with as little as $100.

• Benson Watch Company was named a top watch brand by NYT and is profitable with a projected $15M in revenue in 2022. With retail partnerships in Macy’s and celebrity endorsements, they’re raising their seed round to scale to meet increasing demands. Invest with as little as $250.

• COI Energy is a digital energy platform that detects, eliminates, and monetizes energy waste. With businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, COI energy provides a real-time, transparent way to manage energy. Already used by big names like Citi, US Foods, and TECO & NY Power Authority. They’re positioned to be the leader in digital energy management. Invest with as little as $100.

• Healthy Hip Hop is described as “the Sesame Street of the 21st century” with projected revenue of $10.7M by 2023. They encourage kids to learn through music, movement, and mindfulness. They’ve partnered with the NBA, Cox, and Techstars, and have investments from Google + Techstars. Invest with as little as $100.

• Relay on Demand has been trending on Republic for weeks. They’re a new and better way for truck drivers to work. They’re targeting the $1T trucking industry with an on-demand, fully flexible driver workforce. Has reached $2M ARR and profitability with no outside funding. Invest with as little as $100.

• Salone Money is an iconic shoe brand with fans like Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, & Halle Berry. With more shades for different skin tones, they’re addressing the gap in “nude” shoes. They’re generating huge buzz and not to mention the shoes are stunning. Invest with as little as $100.
Launched this week

Benson Watch Company
Own your time

The most delicious plant-based ice cream made from organic coconut cream

Ready Set Jet
Changing the world through beauty

Offerings closing soon

Moku Foods is about to close!
$463,668 raised · $100 min. investment
Looks like bacon, tastes like jerky, made from mushrooms

Snailz is about to close!
$193,521 raised · $100 min. investment
The beautifully simple way to book your next salon appointment

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