Levered Learning launches on Republic

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The Highlights

Complete classroom & distance-ready instructional tool for elementary math
Closing achievement gap: Title 1 schools w 70% higher math growth in year 1
5k+ students/200+ classrooms in CA (CA is 20% of Total Addressable Market)
4x growth in 2019 and 2x for 2020 YTD; 80% organic growth/20% outreach
$100K revenue in last half 2019, $300k projected 2020; initial TAM of $1B
Selected as one of ASU+GSV’s Global Elite 200 innovative edtech companies
The U.S. currently ranks in the bottom 25% of developed nations in math proficiency. The countryโ€™s most vulnerable students are being left behind, and remote distance learning has created additional hurdles.

Levered Learning is a comprehensive tool for next-generation teaching. Their data-driven instructional system blends whole class math talks, group pencil & paper activities, and online self-paced lessons that support both classroom and distance-based instruction.


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