Linen launches on Republic

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Build wealth with the ownership economy
• Investing app that helps you earn shares in community-owned projects
• Emerging and growing market projected to reach $3 trillion by 2023
• Raised $1.7M from Coinbase, Polychain, HashKey, Youbi, and Wyre
• Founders with Wall Street and blockchain experience
• Product market fit found, scalable growth, low operating costs
Technology giants like Airbnb, Uber, Robinhood, and others owe their success to their users. However, the majority of the value they create is captured by a few early venture capital investors. Today, most opportunities in the ownership economy are only available to tech-savvy people due to the technological barriers related to self-custody wallets and private key custody.
Linen has a full suite of tools for novice crypto users to build wealth with the ownership economy. Linen has designed and built wallet backup and recovery mechanisms that do not require saving seed phrases. This enables them to onboard millions of people to the ownership economy in a scalable way.


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