Making our world more green and sustainable ๐ŸŒฑ

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Companies Passionate
About Sustainability

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we want to align with companies that are designed to make our world a better place.

Weโ€™re thrilled to be partnered with companies that are focused on environmental sustainability. Here are some insights from our founders on the front lines:
โ€ข SunState Laboratories: Environmental household cleaning product.
โ€ข Tradefox: Revolutionizing the $250B recycling market.
โ€ข NovoMoto: Affordable solar electricity for the DR Congo.
โ€ข World Tree: Planting Empress trees, saving our planet.


SunState Laboratories
DAZZ Cleaning Tablets โ€“ Save money, plastic, and the Earth.

Founder & CEO, David Shahan

Each year in the US, we discard over 1 billion plastic spray bottles. SunState Labs has created an innovative solution to this wasteful use-and-discard cycle.

Consumers can now add DAZZ Cleaning Tablets to plain tap water and the same spray bottle over-and-over again. Compared to traditional ready-to-use cleaners, DAZZ costs up to 75% less, reduces plastic waste, lowers shipping costs, and outperforms the leading brands.

DAZZ has successfully launched on HSN, eCommerce, and retail stores. With distribution interest from 24 foreign markets, SunState Labs is positioning DAZZ as an international brand prime for acquisition by a multinational CPG conglomerate.

Raised $927K from 1,233 investors
$100 minimum investment

Scrap Connection / Tradefox
Trusted platform for the global trade of recycled materials.

Founder & CEO, Chris Yerbey

Tradefoxโ€™s technology increases the efficiency of the global supply chain for recycling. At scale our product eliminates the need for middle men and double or triple handing of materials. This results in a savings to the supply chain of more than 10%.

In an industry run on 3 โ€“ 5% margins, this is a substantial amount of extra capital which is made available to companies in the recovery, processing and sorting side of the supply chain.

When recycling becomes more valuable for businesses, the trade of recyclables grows leading to more recyclables being diverted from landfills. This means fewer landfills, less ground water contamination and a steep reduction in methane gas emissions.

Raised $256K from 503 investors
$200 minimum investment

Affordable solar electricity for the DR Congo.

Co-founder & CEO, Mehrdad Arjmand

NovoMoto provides electricity, through rent-to-own solar kits, for off-grid communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

NovoMotoโ€™s solar kits are more affordable, more efficient, and cleaner than the kerosene, diesel and flashlights currently used in these communities. DRC has 15 million families who spend about $3 billion each year ($18/home per month) on grid alternatives for lighting and phone charging.

As of April, 2020 NovoMotoโ€™s technicians have installed more than 500 kits. For every customer transitioning away from burning kerosene for lighting, NovoMoto has eliminated the need to emit about 37 kg of CO2 per year.

Raised $346K from 310 investors
$500 minimum investment

World Tree
An eco-revolution.

Founder & Chair, Wendy Burton

The world needs more timber, but we are cutting down trees faster than we can grow them and the result is environmental devastation.

World Tree is an eco-timber company that grows the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world – the Empress Splendor. Reaching maturity in just 10 years, the Empress provides a sustainable source of hardwood as it self-regenerates, absorbs massive amounts of carbon, and restores the soil.

World Tree raised $1 million last year on WeFunder and has already planted 2,600 acres of Empress trees in 5 countries. They are seeking funding to plant additional 3,400 acres. Investors receive 25% of any profits from the sale of the timber.

Raised $851K from 262 investors
$2,500 minimum investment


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