Manta Biofuel launches on Republic

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Reinventing crude oil, renewably this time

A cost-competitive, renewable replacement for fossil fuel, made from algae

The Highlights
• $3M raised from U.S. Department of Energy, State of Maryland, and founder
• $1M in LOIs and initial beta testing complete in a commercial system
• Founder has PhD in biofuels and 15+ years exp. in large scale agriculture
• $10 billion opportunity with larger $2T market opportunity
Climate change is causing significant damage to society and the environment. The effects of climate change will only get worse if we do not act urgently and replace fossil fuels with a sustainable and economically viable alternative.

Manta Biofuel uses algae to make a cost-competitive, renewable replacement for crude oil. By working with independent farmers, they can scale production and produce clean algae-powered energy that’s good for the environment.


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