Metadata | Campaign in Review & Closing Friday

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Metadata | Campaign in Review & Closing Friday

Metadata aims to revolutionize marketing by putting machine learning at the core, removing the weakest link in the system – the human marketer. Their patented technology is being used to execute autonomous marketing campaigns at Zoom, Duo by Cisco, Zendesk, Udacity and G2. Over the past 2 years, through organic growth, Metadata has become a category leader for the Account-based Marketing space.

Metadata is an AI marketing software startup addressing challenges in B2B marketing. The company was created as an AI replica of the modern growth marketer, operating at 100x the execution capacity and 99.9% accuracy of traditional marketers while utilizing its self-optimizing technology.

In each of the last 3 years, the company has doubled its revenue run rate (going from $500k in 2017 to $1.3mm in 2018 and $2.4mm in 2019. It is projected to hit $5mm in 2020, and has landed marquee customers like Cisco and Zoom. Metadata is currently on the path to profitability and projects breaking even in January 2021.

Deal highlights & campaign updates include:

  • Surpassed May sales by 425%, totaling over $1.59mm in assumed ARR in late-stage pipeline sales opportunities
  • Current Series A round is being led by Greycroft
  • 3 patents awarded by the US Patents Office for AI assisted execution and experimentation technology

Metadata’s round is currently over 90% funded and is still accepting investments until the campaign closes this Friday.


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