MicroVentures Weekly Offering Roundup: November 10, 2020

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Just Listed


Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh smoothies made on-demand
Key Highlights:
• Four Blendid robotic smoothie kiosks currently deployed in the San Francisco Bay Area including Walmart, the Market Cafe, the Charlie Brown Cafe, and the Plug & Play Tech Center
• Signed an agreement with Walmart to deploy Blendid at its Fremont, California, location with intent to expand further

Active Offerings


Software platform for animators
Key Highlights:
• Founder sold his last company to AOL in June 2016
• Creating an even larger suite of products that implement voiceovers, motion capture, and personal avatar building so users can have even more tools when designing and producing their animated content

Cherry Street Pharmacy
One-stop pharmacy
Key Highlights:
• Generated nearly $3M in revenue in the 2019 calendar year, with only ~$5k in advertising and marketing spend
• Acquired a second brick-and-mortar location in August 2020, with a targeted launch in 2021

Million Marker

Personal environmental exposure analysis and tracking for consumers
Key Highlights:
• Graduated from Y Combinator’s Spring 2019 Cohort
• Partnership agreement with the University of California, San Francisco and support from Stanford University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


B2B SaaS cloud integration software
Key Highlights:
• Raised $1.07M in its first equity round, led by Plug and Play Tech Center and Steelhead Ventures
• Integrates with cloud software such as Intuit Quickbooks, Oracle NetSuite, Vend POS, and more

Hudson Space Systems

Microgravity research services company
Key Highlights:
• Developing reusable space launch vehicles to make microgravity services accessible to a broad spectrum of customers
• Filed a private provisional patent application, “Unibody Liquid Bipropellant Rocket Engine,” in February 2020


Athleisure apparel and audio gear accessories for men and women
Key Highlights:
• Social media followers have grown by 439% from April to July 2020 across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
• Uses innovative materials engineered to prolong the charge life and sound quality of its wireless audio accessories

Fog& Tree

Personal products infused with cannabis sold online and in stores
Key Highlights:
• Selected as a finalist out of 300 to participate in Canopy Boulder’s accelerator program for cannabis-related and CBD businesses
• The company’s premier fragrance has been featured in Forbes magazine twice and is participating in the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference / Forbes fundraising event for COVID-19 relief efforts


Edly offers an alternative to student loans known as Income Share Agreements (ISAs)
Key Highlights:
• Edly has (1) a seasoned team, (2) targeted a subset of the student loan market, and (3) an investment platform being engineered to handle high growth
• Considered a market leader in the ISA market by Career Karma

Vital Leaf

Line of organic, CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, body balm, and capsules
Key Highlights:
• Products sold in 300+ retail locations across the U.S.
• Retailers and partners include Wegmans, New Seasons Market, New Leaf Community Market, National Co+op Grocers, and Good Earth Natural Foods

IPD Products

Air sterilizer designed to combat airborne pathogens
Key Highlights:
• Plans to launch the Ionic Plague Destroyer in Q4 2020, an air sterilizer designed to combat airborne pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, in indoor environments
• Licensed patent from Drexel University that covers methods for air disinfection and sterilization

Wind Craft Aviation

Developing a hydrogen-powered eVTOL aircraft
Key Highlights:
• Developing an aircraft powered by a carbon-neutral fuel cell, which can offer greater efficiency than traditional lithium-ion batteries
• Founder was the youngest Part 107 commercial drone pilot in the U.S. in 2017, at age 16

Creative 3D Technologies

3D printing innovation firm
Key Highlights:
• Featured in more than 20 media outlets including Technori, 3Dprint.com, and the Chicago Tribune
• Its 3D printer features a build volume greater than 10.5ft³ and provides support for layer resolutions as small as 30 microns and movement resolutions with precision up to 256x micro-stepping


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