Mighty Monkey launches on Republic

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Mighty Monkey launches on Republic

Amazing cookies. For everyone.


  • Amazing cookies, period—not just “good, for gluten-free”
  • Launched national distribution in 2021
  • 100K+ bags sold through e-store, Amazon, and 121 retailers
  • $135K+ in revenue YTD
  • Gluten-Free market $8.8B in US

Mighty Monkey Bakery is on a mission to set a new standard of quality for gluten-free desserts. Made in New York from premium ingredients, Mighty Monkey cookies are clean, kosher, and non-GMO, as well as being free of gluten, allergens, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils.

Mighty Monkey cookies debuted in Whole Foods stores in NYC, and now are carried in 120+ retail locations—including Whole Foods stores from New York to Maine.

Direct-to-consumer growth strategy

Mighty Monkey launched a partnership with their first national retailer, Misfits Market, in 2021. They’re continuing to scale up their sales and distribution, and have generated $135K+ in revenue this year to date.

Last year, Mighty Monkey launched their e-commerce platform. They are focused on scaling D2C sales as a critical part of their overall growth strategy, using online sales to expand their customer base and gain leverage in new markets.



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