Milestone Alert: $750k+ raised by goDeskless via 1.7k+ MV investors

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Milestone Alert:

$750k+ Raised from over 1.7k MV Investors
goDeskless has raised over $750k on MicroVentures and there is still time to invest! This cloud-based software platform is designed to help companies with deskless field workers automate and streamline their business processes.

Highlights include:
โ€ข Generated $637.2k in revenue with gross margins of 87% in 2019
โ€ข Customers include Bechtel, Volvo, TCL (TATA Communications), Techmate, TATA Motors, and Workset
โ€ข Achieved net income of $77.7k in Q1 2020 and $232.9k in 2019
Head to the offering page to learn more about goDeskless and invest alongside over 1.7k other MV investors.


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