MILESTONE: Knightscope Surpasses $18mm In Investments

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Campaign Milestone:

Over $18mm Raised

Knightscope is excited to announce that the company’s current investment offering recently surpassed $18mm in funding!
The current investment opportunity will close July 20th – just 10 days away – which means this will be the last opportunity to invest in Knightscope’s current campaign.

Knightscope’s current funding round has been highlighted by a number of important updates, which you can read more about here, but several recurring topics to questions in recent due diligence webinars are listed below:
10 Fortune 1000 Customers – Knightscopeโ€™s Machines-as-a-Service (MaaS) model is already operating 24/7/365 across 5 time zones.

Proven Success:
Crime Fighting – Knightscope has been credited with reducing crime as reported by law enforcement agencies and clients.
Huge Following:
$40 Million+ Raised – With over 10,000 investors, Knightscope has built a community of investors committed to the safety of the United States.
Seasoned Leadership Team:
Elite Entrepreneurial Executives – the founding team combines entrepreneurs from the world’s top manufacturing, design, law enforcement, and technology companies.


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