Moku Foods launches on Republic

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Looks like bacon, tastes like jerky, made from mushrooms
Plant-based jerky with meat-like taste
• Three flavors: Original, Hawaiian Teriyaki, and Sweet & Spicy
• $30B addressable market across jerky, salty snacks, and plant-based foods
• 1 of 3 new brands selected into Amazon’s Emerging Brands Program for 2020
• Featured on Entrepreneur’s Elevator Pitch Show
• Backed by the founders of Casper, Thrive Market, Soylent, & Juneshine
• VC backed by Siddhi Capital, Mana Ventures, Barrel Ventures & KBW Ventures
People love jerky. However, its production takes a toll on the planet, and many of the plant-based snacks on the market lack the texture and flavor jerky fanatics crave.
Moku is a jerky that was crafted by an acclaimed plant-based chef to be healthy and sustainable, all while capturing the meat-like texture consumers crave.


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