Morningside Playcare launches on NextSeed

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New York City childcare center where kids become multilingual by age 6


• A curriculum built on neuroscience research
• Contracted by New York City DOE
• Help children become multi-lingual by age 6
“Mila was the first student at Morningside PlayCare and it was the introduction to her Mandarin immersion. And it has really widened her world. She is now in kindergarten. And according to her teachers and previous teacher, she’s at the native speaker level. So I think it’s been transformational for us and our family.” – Parent Testimonial
Morningside PlayCare is uniquely poised for growth, as it sits at the intersection of a transformational education and rapidly increasing demand for pre-school education.
Linguists agree — foreign languages are best taught in the earliest years, and language immersion is the single most effective method for learning and teaching a new language. Scholars have documented increased academic performance in reading, reasoning, executive function, and math in elementary students who have acquired dual-language fluency.
Morningside PlayCare cultivates the language genius, open-mindedness, and wonder-filled hearts of young children by providing nurturing care as they immerse children in the Mandarin and Spanish languages through play, authentic creative activities, yoga and exploration of nature.

The Opportunity
With an existing location that successfully navigated the challenges and opportunities of COVID, Morningside PlayCare is opening a second location in the Upper West Side in New York City. This location shares its zip code with Columbia University, whose affiliates are a key segment of MPC’s target market, and who live throughout the neighborhood. There are 6,376 middle income families with young children located within a 15-minute walk. The past year also forged new paths for Morningside PlayCare to expand, as it launched a successful virtual curriculum that offers parents additional choices.
Combined with a prized contract to deliver Universal PreK services for the New York City Department of Education, Morningside PlayCare is open to investment for the future.


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